Natural Ingredients

Here are the list of the natural ingredients you can find in our Human Heart Nature hair and skin care products.  

Human Heart Nature is the first affordable and promotes genuine natural hair and skin care products company in the Philippines. Their natural ingredients carefully selected, deftly distilled and perfectly blended. Each product is formulated by Filipino scientists in our Natural Care Labs using the latest technology in green chemistry and natural manufacturing. 

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It contains calming and soothing properties that is best for sensitive skin. It contains Vitamin C, E and beta carotene, which has anti-ageing properties. It also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera is also a conditioning agent for the hair and scalp. It is also helps in dandruff control. 

Anisic Acid or p-Anisic Acid. It is found in anise seed. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It also acts as a natural preservative. Acting as a natural preservative it masked out unpleasant odors. 

Avocado Oil or Persea Americana. Contains high levels of monosaturated fats and oleic acid that helps penetrate in every hair strand to moisturize the hair. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals. It gives you that natural healthy and shiny hair. 

Bamboo Charcoal. Comes from Bamboo or known as Bambusa Arundinacea. The activated bamboo charcoal helps absorb and fight impurities, odors and other toxins from our skin.  

Bamboo Powder. Also, comes from Bamboo or Bambusa Arundinacea. Bamboo Powder is a great exfoliant for the skin. It is also rich in Silica. Silica boosts the collagen production, promoting anti-aging properties.  

Beet Root Extract or Beta Vulgaris. Known to be rich in essential minerals and vitamins that promote healthy body and skin. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, which helps from aging, sagging and wrinkly skin. Beet root also has skin brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Betaine is derived from sugar beet. It provides skin protection against chemical irritation. Its moisturizing properties help skin’s soft texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Broccoli Seed Oil or Brassica Oleracea Italica. It poses a lot of beneficial properties not only for the hair but also for the skin. Contains essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that help nourish the hair and skin. For hair, it helps tame fly aways, frizz and split ends. For skin, it gives intense hydration to the skin without clogging pores.  

Chamomile Oil or Ormenis Multicaulis. Known for its calming and relaxing properties. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for calming and soothing irritated skin. It also helps in skin renewal making your skin blemish free.  

Citronella Oil or Cymbopogon Winterianus. Has insect-repellant properties that shoo away mosquitoes specially on summer time. It contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. It is also a natural deodorizer. 

Cacao Butter or  Theobroma Cacao. It is a natural protective barrier for the skin and has a capacity to lock in moisture. Rich with phytochemicals that improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin’s aging. 

Eucalyptus Oil or Eucalyptus Globulus. This essential oil is not just good for the skin but also for the hair. Hailed for its anti-septic and germicidal properties. It helps promote hair growth, relieves scalp and skin irritation, soothes dry skin, and treats dandruff. 

Glyceryl Caprylate is derived from coconut and palm. It acts as a natural emulsifier and preservative. It has conditioning and anti-microbial properties. 

Jojoba Seed Oil or Simmondsia Chinensis. Rich with anti-oxidant properties, jojoba oil is good for hair and skin. Because of its anti-oxidant properties it improves our skin barrier against damages. It also soothes dry skin and delays skin aging. It is also a good hair conditioner. 

Kaolin Clay. Like other natural ingredients, it is both beneficial for hair and skin. Kaolin clay is it absorbs excess oil in the scalp and skin, manages dry skin, mild to use and prevent acne. It is also known for its calming and cleansing properties.   

Lavender Oil or Lavandula Angustifolia. It is a natural disinfectant for both scalp and skin. It is also a natural insect repellant and soothes insect bites. 

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinalis. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin redness and swelling. It has caffeic acid and ferulic acid that is useful against sunburn. 

Lemongrass Oil or Cymbopogon Citratus. Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are commonly used for skin care products especially to treat acne. It also has insecticidal properties that help repel bugs and insects.  

Loofah Extract or Luffa Cylindrica. Provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation to the skin. It also has natural skin softening properties. 

Manila Elemi or Canarium Luzonicum. Possesses a natural anti-septic properties to prevent infections. It also promote skin renewal and get rid of wrinkles. Also known for its balancing effects in aromatherapy.