Balance and Control


Balance and Control is perfect for combination and oily skin.  Infused with Manila Elemi that helps control the sebum production. It is also promotes anti-aging.

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Have a combination and oily skin? Balance and Control kit is curated just for you.

The Balance and Control is made up of 99.80% Natural Balancing Facial Wash 50ml and 99.80% Natural Balancing Face Toner 100ml.

The main ingredient in this series is the use of Manila Elemi. It is known to balance the sebum production, prevent bacteria, reduce skin redness while achieving that shine-free skin.

Manila Elemi is also known to treat wounds, infections and ulcers. Researches also show that it helps skin reduce fine lines and enhance skin's elasticity.

Known as Canarium Luzonicum, Manila Elemi is an endemic plant in the Philippines. Specifically in Bicol Region.

An interesting fact! You can already find Manila Elemi as an active ingredient in some beauty products from Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.

Do you want to know about our natural ingredients? We have listed it here for you.


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