Hydration Boost


We curated Hydration Boost for those who have normal and dry skin. This collagen-boosting kit is packed with nutrients from Moringa. Best known for boosting collagen production, helping reduce fine lines. 

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Ageing is inevitable, as we grow old, our skin aged too. Our Hydration Boost kit is not just good for collagen-boosting, but also perfect for normal and dry skin type.

A power duo of 98.95% Natural Hydrating Creamy Wash 50ml and 99.8% Natural Hydrating Face Toner 100ml. A perfect match for normal to dry skin types.

Our secret ingredient? Moringa. Moringa is packed with high amounts of nutrients to help boost collagen production, keeping our skin smooth and supple.

It is believed that cytokinins found in moringa is responsible for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A small study in 2002 published in Dematology Times (What is Kinetin? - Skinstore US)  that during a 3 month exposure to cytokinin, there were decreased in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, Moringa has an anti-bacterial properties that helps in preventing acne-breakout. It also helps removing blemishes and dark spots.

Want to know more about our natural ingredients? We have listed it here for you.


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