Nourishing Face Toner 100ml


Nourishing Face Toner 100ml is mild and gentle to the skin. It is best paired with the Nourishing Facial Wash to unlock the best result.

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Want a natural yet gentle toner for your face? Nourishing Face Toner 100ml is 99.75% natural and packed with nutrients from tomatoes.

A combination with Nourishing Facial Wash 50ml gives you that gentle and mild care that your skin needs.

Nourishing Face Toner 100ml is rich with anti-oxidant properties from tomato that are gentle and have a mild touch for delicate and normal skin. It is also equipped with mild moisturizers that help soothe the skin to keep it soft and healthy.

Did you know that the enzymes found in tomato have an exfoliation benefit? These enzymes get rid of blackheads, dead skin and deeply cleanse our skin. Exfoliating can be harsh but with these enzymes, exfoliating is both mild and effective.

How to use the product: Ideal to use after cleansing the face. (1) Shake well before use. (2) Put a few drops of the facial toner to a cotton ball. (3) Gently wipe it unto the face. (4) Use this product twice a day, morning and evening.  

Want to know more about our natural ingredients? We listed it here for you. 


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